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NIf you are looking for a roofing company in or near Washington, the experts in our team are perfect for every type of roofing job! Need a roofing company? We’re the roofing company for all your needs and wants! We are proud to serve the people of Washington, and we’re proud of our craft! Our team is experienced in handling all manner of roofing work, from the simple to exotic. These include repairs to facilities and commercial roofing of residential properties, to installation and refurbishing. We’ve got you covered, home or company!

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Our mission is to be a quality, cost-effective Roofer and provide the people of Washington quality roofing to stand against anything nature can throw at it. You will find our prices are competitive–so much so that our customers can not stop referring us to their family and friends. Whether you are looking for a residential roof or a commercial roofing contractor in Washington NC, we offer a gratuitous, no obligatory free quote. We only offer the finest options for all kinds of roofing to all our customers, both new and returning.

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washington NC Roofing Contractors

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washington NC Roofing Contractors

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washington NC Roofing Contractors

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North Carolina Roofers

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We Always Provide A Guarantee

Our staff, both on-site and off, are fully licensed and trained to ensure the best results imaginable, whether you’re roof is being installed or repaired. We aim for excellence and to build on our reputation! You can be certain that we check up and ensure all products fulfil and meet the high expectations we set in the roofing sector.  And in the very unlikely case you are not 100% satisfied with our service, our team will be their ASAP to make sure you do.

We offer many services including Roof Repair In Washington and Metal roofing Washington NC. Our board range of services for residential, commercial and industrial structures, including asphalt shingles roofing, tile roofing and metal roofing, are unmatched. The life expectancy of your roof will be considerably increased once we are done with it. Check out our website and feel free to get in touch with us.

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What To Look Out For As You Might Be Headed For a Leaking Roof

While there are plenty of signs of a broken or damaged roof, holes and leaks being primary examples. Included are plenty of smaller, less pronounced signs you might not be aware of and some issues appear more dangerous than they actually are. For example, while a bad leak may appear to be a sign of severe damage, it might just be the work of a missing or lightly loose tile or shingle. 

It is, therefore, important to know the proper extent of the damage before you make a decision and is one of the primary reasons for us to send out one of our experts to inspect the roof before we draw conclusions. We’ll ensure that you have all the information, laid out and explained to save you both time and money. After all, we have a reputation to uphold and wasting your time and ours is not at all advantageous.

Signs that something needs to be done soon

  • Rotting/ moist indoor ceiling. If moisture is building up inside your roof, it could be a sign of leakage or improper insulation. Either way, if it persists or gets worse, the earlier you have it inspected, the better. Early detection can turn a simple fix into a costly replacement.
  • Rusty or missing roofing. This is an early sign of age or damage that should be taken seriously. If you live in a windy or stormy area, it might be best to have it inspected and reinforced early to prevent costly repairs down the line.
  • Water build up. This is mostly a sign of poor water-removal systems and is an easy enough fix, pending the roof. Should we see that the roofing was too poorly done, we might recommend a full reinstallation, as the buildup can lead to mold growth, damaged internal ceilings and a drop in temperature due to humidity.
Roofing Service In washington NC
Roofing Service In washington NC

At Washington NC Roofing Contractors you can choose to replace your roof without removing the Roof

You have two main options when installing a new roof: either you can remove the existing one or install the new one on top of the old. It’s almost always simpler to simply place the new roof on the already existing one, but this often also leads to a shorter life expectancy. If you’re looking for the cheapest and quickest option, then this is perfect for you but if you’re aiming to get the most bang for your buck, it might be better to just remove and replace the original completely. The choice, however, lies with you in the end. When you have more than two layers of roofing, the roof on top of your roof is heavy and loud, with the underlying layers rolling until your roof is no longer stable.

Consider the removal and replacement of the roof

Ensure your roof is done properly from the get-go. While it is undoubtedly cheaper to simply build on top of your existing roof for a quick and easy fix, a full replacement is far more cost-effective. Some people aim for the quick fix, knowing it will only last a decade or so before complications arise.  

In cases when we do remove the existing roof, we work to ensure that there are no additional damages supplied to the foundation. We’ll work closely at examining the roofing deck to prevent future issues from arising and, should we deem it necessary, reinforce it before constructing the new deck on top of it. This not only allows you to have greater planning with your roofing in terms of design and material, but it also ensures your roofing lasts longer than ever.  

Aim for the best and work with the professionals here at Washington Roofing Contractors for all your Washington roofing-related projects.

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