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Installing a low-slope or flat roof in Washington NC is different from other types of roofing installation. Also known as Built-up roofing, flat roofs are literally built by adding layer by layer and hence the name. These roofing layers consist of flat roofing, alternating with different and distinct products such as asphalt, charcoal tar pitch, and cold adhesive Due to the layering and initial construction, flat roofing is effectively level but with a small pitch in order to drain correctly.

How Does A Flat Roof Work?

A constant membrane covering is used for modern, low-lying roofs to be better able to withstand standing water pools and to also allow for better, cleaner flows. Sealed metal roofs with copper or tin include a more costly low slope or flat roof option.

Usually, low slope rooftops would traditionally prefer the use of the built-in roof but due to modern advances, this increasingly traditional approach is both wasteful and more costly to its alternatives.

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An important factor when considering a low-slope roof is its ability to resist seasonal weather and its water resistance. When done well, they are able to withstand strong winds, rains and storms as well as snow and hail quite effectively.  To satisfy this performance requirement, well-engineered installation of seaming and weathering features are required. 

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