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Only The Best Natural Slate Roofing You Can Find in Washington NC

Cut from natural stone and mineral, natural slate has a history of quality and strength with a wide market worldwide for its appearance and durability. It is not uncommon for natural slate roofing to last upwards of a century when treated, installed and maintained correctly. 

There are plenty of options to choose from when considering natural slate roofing in Washington. Depending on the manufacturer and its location, the slates can vary in both color and quality. The Vermont Green Mountains produce extremely durable mineral slates, for example, while Monson slates manufactured in Maine have a slightly greater luster and texture.

Renowned Natural Slate Shingles

Natural slate shingles cover some of North America’s most prestigious, luxury and historic homes. The quality of North American slates cannot be understated as many countries in Europe, Asia and Australia import them for usage as well.

Of particular note are Vermont Quarries, who produce a wide variety of natural slates used in both residential and commercial areas like, as well as in the roofs of many well-known institutes of study.

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