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Slate/Shingle Metal Roofing Washington NC

Are you tired of having a bland old asphalt roof? Tired of its issues and maintenance requirements? Then we’re the people to call. With so options available when it comes to metal roofing, slate/shingle metal being one of the most versatile and attractive choices out there for both commercial and residential use.

Here at Washington Roofing Contractors, we’re the professionals you can trust. We do it all, from the setup to repair to maintenance and more. Everyone in our team strives to offer our clients unparalleled service and freedom of choice when consulting and planning a project. We’re the best at what we do and can accommodate even the stingiest of clientele. If you’re interested or need more info, contact us today for a free quote.

Shingle Metal Roofing

The second most commonly used metal roof in suburban areas, right behind standing seam metal roofing. There are many, many producers of slate/ shingle metal roofing out there, each with a different aim and style and material. While daunting, it gives the end user (you) an excellent degree of choice in both usage and cost, allowing you to get the option that’s best suited for you and your budget. The most popular options, in terms of material at the very least, are by far are galvanized steel and aluminium, followed by copper and zinc shingles.

Installing with us

With years of experience, we know to plan every step of the project before even attempting to start. Understanding the quirks and design is paramount to our success and we take every step to ensure that once we begin, our projects are as seamless as possible. We explain every step in detail for your understanding and leisure and to ensure a transparent working relationship with no hidden pitfalls or oversights. Or team is experienced in many layouts and designs when it comes to shingle installation, particularly the “Stair” design, which is by far the most common and popular choice amongst homeowners as the fastest, most trusted and visually attractive choice. Rest assured, however, that should there be a better alternative that would provide better results, we’ll wholeheartedly recommend and advise for it.


Repairs and Costs:

We’re well aware that cost is king when it comes to construction projects. Be at ease when working with us, however, and take solace in the fact that we aim to keep our projects as affordable and manageable as possible, with fair and honest assessments at record-breaking prices.

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