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While less widely used in the current day and age, wooden shingles are still readily available for those searching for a more natural roofing solution compared to other options on the market. Wooden shingles are, typically, around 16 inches in length and 13 in width, though some states have regulation limiting that range to around 8 inches.

There are a variety of woods used in the production of wooden shingles, each with different benefits and drawbacks. The most commonly used woods are usually white oak, black locust, redwood, cedar and osage orange. Whether oiled or done plan, these are the best options for those looking wooden shingles to bring a natural feel to one’s home.

Types of Shingles

Modern Wood Shingles Roofing

Like previously stated, wooden shingles are no longer readily used by many contractors unless specifically requested. Most commonly, you’ll find sawed or split shingles that are usually thicker than the old hand-split ones and usually are left with a rough and corrugated surface.

There are some manufacturers of contemporary shingles, made in pre-cut ornamental designs, known also as fancy-cut shingles and are usually for aesthetic purpose over practicality. They are often used when specific painting or coloring is wanted by the client. The sides are rectangular, squared and re-butted, meaning that the sides are parallel and the bottom quadratic to the side.

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It’s important to note that shingles are less durable than shakes, especially in humid/wet environments. shakes are completed with a drawbar or comparable instrument that leaves a soft surface that resists the penetration of water, and this slows down the micro-organisms’ that cause the wood to soften. Wooden shingles on the other hand often rough and prone to absorbing moisture.

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